I speak tech.


With 15 years of professional career development at technology-heavy companies like ZD Net, Electronic Arts and AOL, I’m not a recently converted technologist. I’m able to talk to programmers about what they do, break down the big science into more consumable chunks and work with public relations and marketing professionals to find new ways to gain new eyeballs for their products.

I think big. From quadrupling the downloads on one of my products to working on a patent idea for a geographic-based technology to moving a web site to first search page results, I deliver fresh and creative ideas (based on data and user behavior) that succeed.

I think globally. Managing a remote staff of reporters from both sides (and middle) of the U.S., Japan, Australia, Germany, France and the U.K., I boil down global strategies and yet understand regional differences through open communications and balanced mentoring. And when bigger communication issues arise, I’ve implemented technologies like RSS to better communicate with internal stakeholders in other countries.

I think social. Social Media is the buzz right now with new tools that help businesses find new clients, fans and advocates. Yet, the strategies in using Twitter, Facebook, RSS and Google Trends is more art than science and require expertise, experience and up-to-date knowledge in a tech universe that changes daily. I’ve helped mix a blend of Social Media know-how, classic Internet marketing and social networking to take one new site from the depths of fourth page Google term searches to the top of page one.

I think audience. Talking to your audiences isn’t just a way to email them coupons or tell them to buy your latest product or service. Listening is the hardest part of any community strategy, but with a wealth of hands-on knowledge and a vested interest in their purchase they need to be heard more. I know how to ask what they want, I work to deliver honest and timely updates to reward and connect communities to their product’s creators. The result is faster development time, less helpline support and an engaged audience that advocates for you.

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