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Hope and Poverty in Ethiopia

Poverty shocks. And it should. As people, we hope the best for our neighbors, we wish them well and we hope that the fates decide to impart good will and prosperity. Americans don’t really know poverty. After my third recent trip to Ethiopia, I know what poverty looks like. Back in the United States, we have “the poverty line” and […]

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How to Kindle African Education

Education is just one of the many issues facing the second largest continent, Africa. A lack of public capital for funding free education means that books, writing materials, teaching implements and spaces to teach in means that many children move into adulthood without ever learning to formally read, write, formulate math problems or even learn better work techniques that would […]

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Microsoft Word Can Be Saved

Microsoft’s cash cow has felt a constant barrage of aliens poking at the dominance it once enjoyed. Apple launched Pages, Google launched Google Docs and OpenOffice is becoming the de facto choice for governments looking to trim their massive software licensing costs. While Word is still the most dominant brand in word processing, it could soon cozy up to WordPerfect […]

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Adobe’s Ad Campaign Loves Apple, Questions Freedom of Choice

In the past few weeks, the bitter war over enabling Flash on the iPhone, iPod and iPad hit an impasse as Apple CEO Steve Jobs (http://www.apple.com/hotnews/thoughts-on-flash/) publically roasted Adobe’s Flash as insecure, a battery hog, for not being an open standard (Apple is notoriously proprietary) and soon replaced by newer functions in HTML 5 (or the company’s “Gianduia” technology). Rather […]

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I speak tech.

With 15 years of professional career development at technology-heavy companies like ZD Net, Electronic Arts and AOL, I’m not a recently converted technologist. I’m able to talk to programmers about what they do, break down the big science into more consumable chunks and work with public relations and marketing professionals to find new ways to gain new eyeballs for their […]

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